Howard the Duck 1986 movie, Pop-Art Original Framed Fine Art Painting, Canvas, Artwork, Cult Movie Poster, Sci-Fi


Original framed poster artwork made using mixed media: high quality digital printing +acrylic painting + gloss finish on wood frame.

Main features:

  • Original digital artwork, inspired by classic comics
  • Handmade in Italy!
  • Every copy is unique, in limited edition and numbered on the back.
  • Hand signed by the artist
  • Unique Pop-Art style
  • Gloss Finish
  • Material Surface


Painting size is 35×50 cm (about 14×20 inches).
Weight is about 500 grams.


Artwork is handmade on request: It takes 1-3 days to be completed + shipping time.


Artwork can be customized in colurs or subject. Our artworks are great also for a gift! You can even include a message on the back. Contact us for more informations about this feature!

Original Artwork Handmade in Italy by


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Howard the Duck, is a 1986 American science fiction comedy film directed by Willard Huyck starring Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, and Tim Robbins. Based on a Marvel Comics character, the film was produced with George Lucas as executive producer.

After multiple production difficulties and mixed response to test screenings, Howard the Duck was released in theaters on August 1, 1986. Upon its release, the film was a critical and commercial failure, and was criticized for its humor, performances, inconsistent tone, and the appearance of the title character, though the effects and soundtrack were mostly praised.

In the years since, it has been considered among the worst films of all time, but devoleping in the same time a cult following. It was nominated for seven Razzie Awards (winning four), and made about US$38 million compared to its US$30-37 million budget.